New Week, New Journeys

This has been a busy and exciting week in our family and because of that I did not have an oppurtunity/will/drive/anything to want to try a new recipe and share it! So I will say sorry now about the lack of food in this post!

This week Randy(my husband), Logan(my crazy fun 2-year-old) and myself welcomed the newest addition into our family, Kolten Jack Thomas Schnell.  He arrived March 29, 2013 at 9:42 am, weighing in at 8lbs 6oz 21″ long and a 14 1/2″ head.  Yes, that is a big head!!

First time Kolten and Mama laid eyes on each other

We have taken this week to adjust to this new little person and how our lives have changed because he arrived! Besides lack of sleep, although he is already on a pretty good schedule, we are adjusting to the thought of being a family of 4.  Logan has taken to being a big brother like a champ.  He still doesn’t want to hold him, but he at least now talks about “baby brother” and makes sure he is okay and safe.

Kolten has shown that he has his own little personality and is just as stubborn and strong as his big brother was when he was born.  We are breast feeding and that has its own set ups and downs! We luckily have been doing fantastic and Kolten is well on his way back to his birth weight.  Breast feeding was a struggle with Logan and I was extremely worried that we would face the same battles this time around.

A mix and match of his birth

So while our lives have changed forever, I can’t really remember our family without Kolten.  We feel whole and complete and can now all grow together!  Ok, here is a little bit of food talk!  We have been blessed to have meals delivered for us this week from our friends here in Augusta, GA so I have not had to cook or have clean up in this first week.  I also took the month of march and pre-made all of our april meals so that we would not be doing take out or fast food in the first month.

Lets talk about prepping those meals!  I did mine different from most because my husband and I do tend to be a little snobbish with how our food tastes.  While I created a decent amount of pasta dishes, I did not cook any of the noodles.  Instead, I pre-made all the sauces and froze those, I mean really my house could burn down and I would still have time to boil noodles.  I also did not pre-cook most of the meals but instead “pre-prepped” them.  For example, we love peppers and onions in our house.  I sliced bags of peppers and onions and then froze them so that we can add them to any meal.  Chicken fajitas were done the same way, I prepped all the veggies and meat and placed it into a bag, in 15 minutes we will have dinner without the clean up or mess from prepping our food!  Sorry this post is so short on food and mostly about family! I will be back next week with something exciting!

All cooking babies belong in a kitchen aid
We love Dr. Suess


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