Life has changed…

Two years ago, I started this blog as a work assignment, and I figured I would continue with it as I love cooking at it could be a great adventure of my life as a mom and wife. And then life changed.  I got a divorce. I moved home. I started over.  So here I am two years later, happy, healthy, loving life and thriving!

Portland ZooSo instead of a journey back, let’s take a journey forward.  I don’t expect anyone to follow this regularly, but rather a way to document the life I live with my two crazy and loving boys.  Life changes for us daily, through tears, laughter, fun, time-outs, quiet time/mom stays sane time!  Here is where our journey begins.

It is summer time, here in the beautiful Northwest and we are dying.  Normal temps here have been above 100 degrees, it’s too hot to go outside and too hot to stay inside.  We rotate between the two. Sprinklers. Pools. Air Conditioning. They are our saving grace.  We are getting ready for our beach adventure, I am getting ready for an amazing leadership conference and looking forward to time to read and enjoy my family!

Stay tuned for the next adventure in our crazy life!



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