A day in the life…

What is a virtual assistant? You work from home, that must be bliss! How lucky to have the kids home? Will you ever get a “real” job? 

workingThose are the typical questions I get when I say that I work from home…even better are the crazy looks when I say that I do it with two kids under 4!  A day in my life to me is pretty normal.  I get up around 4:30-5am and I turn on the coffee pot and start working.  Early mornings are routine for me and something I am used to after 5 1/2 years in the Army. In fact, I love the peaceful solitude of my mornings. I love the fresh coffee brewing and knocking out work before the “distractions” set it.

Working from home means a sacrifice of many things, but also and this is BIG it means I gain everything.  I sacrifice the solitude of just working a straight 8 hours with no distractions, I sacrifice adult interaction, I sacrifice a clean house and some days I sacrifice a shower.  But I gain, oh how I gain.  I gain every day that I get to eat every meal with my kids. That I am the one who puts them down for a nap, wakes them in the morning and teaches them their ABCs.  I gain each and every day that I hear Kolten try a new word or Logan count higher than he did the day before. I gain when I teach them new skills and watch them flourish, thrive and take pride in their accomplishments.  So for me working from home is worth every sacrifice and more.

Now, that is not to say that it isn’t hard. That I don’t have days that I want to cry. That I don’t loseplanner sleep or wonder how we are going to make it through the day still liking each other.  It is hard to work 40 plus hours, raise two kids, attempt to have a clean house and be an active member of society. But somehow, we make it work.  While my mom would say “we have no routine” we actually have a routine.  Yes, I am lucky. I do not have to wake my kids up at 6am, dress them, feed them and drag them out the door.  Instead, they are able to wake up when they are ready (usually before 7am) and they are able to eat and get dressed without a rush.  This works for my polar opposite kids…Logan wants his chocolate milk and cartoons before he can function.  Then he eats.  Kolten rolls out of bed demanding a 5-course breakfast. They are my opposites. Some days my house isn’t clean and the dishes aren’t done, because we choose to ride bikes instead. The dishes will be there, these days are short with my babies. I feel like I have the best of both worlds.  I work because I have to and because it makes me feel good and I get to raise my kids the way I want.  Now, this is not me putting down daycare, seriously.  I think each family, needs and should do what works for them and only them.  This works for US.

IMG_9536My favorite time of day….bath and bed time.  A month ago, I would have told you it was the worst part of my day.  That the 2 hours of fighting to get Kolten to bed was enough for me to go nuts. But this miracle happened.  This miracle called…summer vacation with Papa.  Randy saved the day on this one! All props go to him for what he was able to accomplish.  Bed is now a bedtime story, prayers, and a kiss.  That’s it.  Shut the door. Done.    I know, I know.  I can’t believe it either.  So now, I get a little bit of peace.  It’s 8:30pm, the house is picked up and it is quiet, well kind of…laundry is going, the AC is on and so is the dishwasher…but there are no little voices.  So here I am.  Off to read the scriptures, watch a little TV and go to bed at 10pm.

This is the life I was meant to lead.


P.S. A virtual assistant is the same as a regular assistant but virtual…I do finances, websites, CRMs, shopping carts…etc…   Yes I working from home can be bliss and I am lucky to have the kids at home.  Nope, I think I will keep this “fake” job that pays my “real” bills.


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