The Aftermath of a Vacation

Vacation. The word alone makes me so happy. Add beach to that and I am even happier.  We got home Saturday night from a week on the Oregon Coast.  It was cold but beautiful.  I love time spent with the boys uninterrupted.  We rode bikes. We played in the ocean…ok they played I watched(it was way too cold!)  We searched for and found really cool rocks! We climbed rocks. We made smores. Seriously, we just had some fun.

But then we are back to reality. Back to cleaning and work and time-outs and all of the joy that comes with raising two crazy busy bodies! Coming home from vacation feels like you are being tricked.  Tricked into being an adult again…and sometimes, I just don’t want to adult…but alas I do. Once again, I am up late cleaning the house, or watching tv, or reading a story to the boys before bed. It is the little things that matter, that change your perspective and for me vacation is always a great reminder of that.

Life changes daily and obstacles that once stood in our way become beautiful pieces of our history. Each day we look forward to a new journey, a new adventure and most importantly, a new view on the week ahead. So while this is short, I just wanted to give a little thanks for vacation and even the “aftermath” of vacation.


meandmom walking sadface climbing


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