I believe in our future.

IMG_1512It has been about two weeks since the initial diagnosis. Two weeks since the word Autism made a permanent journey to live in our house. Two weeks since our eyes have been opened to change.

Two weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with all of the change and the journey that our life was now going to take. Kolten had been diagnosed with Autism and we needed to figure out what that meant and how it was going to really shape our life.  We have started some big changes in how we do things, the way we eat and even the way sleep is being tackled.

IMG_1500Let’s start with sleeping. Most autistic kids do not produce melatonin like they are supposed to and so sleep is a difficult journey.  Sleep in our house has been terrible…and that is putting it nicely. So Kolten has started melatonin. It Is AMAZING! Our nights are better, our days are better. It is just life changing when everyone gets the sleep they so desperately need and crave.

Second. We are going Gluten and Dairy Free. So while we are not throwing away any of our foods, we are now only buying things that meet these needs. We will be fully Gluten Free by Jan 1st and working towards Dairy Free. My milk loving, cheese loving 5-year-old is not excited for this journey…but we are working on it!

Third, therapies. We are working on getting Kolten into everything he needs to thrive and I am excited to see him blossom.

IMG_1532Lastly, the diagnosis gave us answers. I, no longer have to sit and wonder what I am doing wrong and why I am failing my child, because I am not. Each day we are learning new ways of doing things and how to help him and help us. We are working on our journey and some days we walk forward, other days we fall back, but this is a journey filled with love, understanding, and joy. We are a family changed by autism, but it will not be the center of our story. We are making our story each day.


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