What 2016 Taught Me

I can’t believe it is the end of another year, a year where we have experienced so much change, both good and bad. A year where I have once again learned that I can trust very few people and a year where I saw the people I love really surround me and lift me to new heights.

Here is what I learned: 

  1. 15055677_10157593018200276_9167018795204108970_nPeople always tell a version of a story so that they look better. Whether its a co-worker who is out to sabotage you or a man who wants to make his girlfriend sound horrible so that you feel sorry for him. But usually the version that is told, holds very little semblance to what the true story beholds.
  2. That moving across the country so that your kids will be happy, doesn’t leave you happy. It leaves you lonely and sad. It also makes you rely once again on an inner strength that you weren’t sure was still there.
  3. The past is the past for a reason.
  4. That even though the move was made for the kids, that even they would struggle and the year would see both of them in therapy and us grasping for any hope at a normal routine life that we crave.
  5. That there is no church like Yakima Foursquare and I have to stop comparing and embrace15590280_10157781908360276_3206863520173154837_n what we now have at Mount Paran North and start to volunteer again.
  6. That my boys will always survive, but that sometimes we need more than that.
  7. That dating is totally not worth it.
  8. That quitting your job is the best feeling in the world.
  9. That an ipad to the eye, will slice it open, hurt like the dickens and give you a black eye.

All in all, this has been a rough year for us. Leaving our home for Georgia and adjusting to a life without my family has been rough. A life that I didn’t envision.  I know that through this year, God has been our steadfast foundation and rock of courage.

15625984_10157796739640276_7081463694300036783_oGoing into 2017 I have many hopes and dreams for us. First, to be on a normal routine and stop adjusting our lives so much around a travel schedule and instead letting that schedule move around us. Second, to dive back into a church community and let our lives thrive because of that. Third, to make friends. Fourth, to find an autism network here that will be as supportive as the one we had back home. Fifth, to write more and find time for myself.

This is our new life and it is about time I got on board. 2017 we are looking forward to you.


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