I disappeared for a year…oops!

When I started this blog, it was to share what we were going through and how we were coping with different items in our lives. Between being a parent, then a parent to a special needs kid and then to two special needs kids, all while trying to keep who I was. There have been times and days and weeks, when I barely know who I am and what I am doing. But alas, isn’t that the life of every mom?

So what have we been up to in the last year? A LOT! Well we moved again. Yep, this time to Florida. We live on the space coast. That move has come with challenges, joys and triumphs. Just like any move.

In kindergarten Logan was tested and placed into the gifted program. Moving to florida, saw the loss of that paper between school districts, which was frustrating and annoying and just stupid. It took 4 months, to get him retested and back into the gifted program here. When they tested his IQ here, he received a 134, to put that in perspective, 140 is considered a genius. Yeah. Just Yeah. I knew was smart. I knew he wasn’t super challenged. But seriously? However, he has had a struggle in 1st grade. The work is easy so he makes trouble or just refuses to show what he can because he thinks it is a waste of time. His attitude and defiance has gone up and that is a new struggle that we are dealing with routinely. Logan started Cub Scouts this year and it has been an amazing blessing for us. He has started to blossom and come out of his comfort zone. It has been a year with him.

Kolten. Up until this year, Kolten had gotten the short end of the stick in teachers. We just never found one that meshed with his little ball of energy. This year we seriously hit the jackpot. He has teachers who are amazing. Who get him. Who love him. Who cherish him. It has made such a difference. But alas, we have gone through a ton of struggles with Kolten, mainly focused around sleep or the lack there of. He did a sleep clinic this year and was placed on medicine, only to see his whole personality change. We are still in the rebound of that phase, with no medicine really helping this kid to sleep. It is a struggle.

Ahhh for me. It sucked to move. I was just getting settled in Georgia. I had made friends, I loved my church and I had a very close friend just 20 minutes away. This move have been a struggle. I am finding my place, my people and making a routine for myself, but I wish it wasn’t so hard. I wish more than anything that I could make friends easily, but alas, that is not something I do well.

What are we looking forward to in 2018? Everything. 🙂


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