Mr. Smarty

IMG_2813.jpgMy dear sweet little Logan is a smart kid. Too smart. Okay, not too smart, but it is definitely a challenge to find the best place for him. School is a very difficult fit for him here in Florida. He is bored. He gets in trouble because he is bored. And…he is sassy. While the sassy has been an issue, the boredom wasn’t in Georgia. He was challenged. The program was just better.

Last week, his gifted teacher stopped me and asked me to get him a specific game to help with a skill they are working on. I said sure…no problem. Then I asked…how is Logan doing in class. (We literally hear NOTHING from this teacher). She said he always negotiates. (Typical gifted and Aspie behavior) He doesn’t like to lose and will throw a fit. And negotiates about writing…I looked at her and said, yes, we know writing is an issue. You know writing is an issue. He is in OT because of his writing. But all of her comments were about behaviors. Finally I said…ok, how about academically, how is he doing?  Her response…oh, the work is easy for him. GRRRRRR. Here is what I don’t get….none of his behaviors are not something that she shouldn’t be used to dealing with…and if this is the gifted program…why is it still too easy? Why aren’t you challenging him? 

Listen. Behavior is an issue. But the biggest issue is he is bored. If he wasn’t so bored, his behaviors would go down. But everyone else wants to focus on behavior first….people, it is the other way around.  Anyways.

IMG_2963.jpgI have been asking Logan all year as he has struggled what does he want to do…stay at his school, go to a private school, have me teach him. Well, for over the last month, he has asked for me to teach him. Not the answer I was hoping for. I will be honest. So I tested him to place him…3rd grade Science. He is a 1st grader. I stopped there. I realized. No school can teach him. So I am looking at doing the thing I said I would NEVER do. And I mean NEVER.

So I have created a curriculum for him. Which let me tell you…was not easy. There is no one set that fits him, so its Spelling You See, Math You See, Coding, Literature,

IMG_2884.jpgExpedition Earth….We are doing a test run on spring break, to see if…1. Will he do his work and listen to me? 2. Can I handle it? 3. Will we kill each other?


Having a twice exceptional child…it is an interesting road. So here is to homeschooling one child and sending the other to the public school. Because of course my polar opposite kids need two totally different things…the school is the best place for Kolten…so that is going to be fun.


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