Our family of three is a lot of things. We are first and foremost a family who puts God first. We believe that we are saved by Jesus Christ. This is the center of who we are and what we do with our lives. Second, we are a family of three, (five if you count the cats). We are also a family that deals with Autism on a daily basis. Logan and Kolten cross in all areas of the spectrum. While our life is not defined by autism, it does shape who we are and how we do things. We hope to share a little of our journey and bring you hope and comfort along the way.


What to say about who I am. I was raised in the PNW, Go Seahawks! I grew up in a small, idealic town where you knew all the kids you went to school with. A community where there was one school for each level. It was bliss. At 23 I joined the Army and served for 5.5 years to include two tours to Afghanistan. My time in the Army changed my life, it changed who I was, what I was made out of and what I found to be important in life. Fast forward to today…I own my own business supporting other businesses in all of their needs. I get to work from my home and make my schedule. There is pure bliss in supporting your family and being happy. I love to read, have recently started to hand embroider which is so peaceful and want to start traveling when the boys are with their dad.


My sweet crazy 7 year old. Logan is caring, energetic, curious and excited about life. Logan loves school and excels in his class. He loves minecraft, legos and reading. Recently Logan built his own computer and droid. He is in cub scouts and that is helping him to come out of his shell and work on his social issues.

Logan has autism. He is what you would consider to have Aspergers if that term still existed. This doesn’t stop him from being amazing, from trying new things and always working to overcome his limits.


Oh this kid is spunky. He is almost 5 and full of life. He is compassionate, curious and a little trouble maker. There is nothing that you can hide from this little munchkin. Daily he amazes me in what he learns and grows with. Kolten loves to be with people, to cuddle, to be in your space. He enjoys legos, Minecraft, swimming and riding his bike. Kolten is feisty and doesn’t sleep.

Kolten has autism. He is considered more severe. Kolten was diagnosed when he was 2.5 years old. He was considered non-verbal. Kolten didn’t start to really speak until he was 4. He is still behind in his speech and will be in speech for a while to work on his pronunciation of items. But he is a fighter!


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