Sometimes, this mom thing sucks.

Sometimes it just sucks to be a mom. To be the one who is blamed for everything in the world. Today is one of those days.

Logan is having a hard day. 14 days with his papa and while he has been home for 3 days, he has still had papa. Well today…his papa left. And apparently that is my fault. I have been repeatedly told today that it is my fault that papa doesn’t live here. That I did this. That I am the bad guy. I have been repeatedly reminded, that not only does Logan love me the LEAST in his life, that he doesn’t like me either. I have been informed today that I am not a good mom. That I don’t give him what he wants and that he wants to live with his papa. Needless to say, it has been a fun day.  Continue reading “Sometimes, this mom thing sucks.”

A New Year…A New Perspective

Today is the first day in 2016 and it is bittersweet. I am in Chicago. My boys are in Kansas. My life never feels complete when they are away. I enjoy things less, I laugh less, I am sad and inside I just can’t explain how it feels. I know that the time they spend with their Papa is priceless and I would never dream of taking any of it away, in fact, I usually extend any trip for them, at the expense of how it will feel for me. I do this, because it is what is best for my boys, what is best for their papa and I tell myself, I can manage and make it through…and I always do.  Continue reading “A New Year…A New Perspective”

My Adventures in Canning

I grew up watching my Grandma can everything possible, peaches, pears, apples, sauces, jams…you name it, she canned it. I remember always going to her house and seeing the pantry full of her bounty! I always loved the smells and how amazing the food would taste but assumed that this is how all people ate, it wasn’t until I was older and starting cooking that I realized how truly blessed I had been. My adventure into canning started for a couple of reasons, first, I cook from scratch anyways so what is one extra step? Second, reading labels is enough to make you never want to eat pre-packaged foods again. Did you know that apples are the 3rd ingredient in APPLE SAUCE??? Enough said! Third, I wanted to know what my family was eating and putting into their bodies. Continue reading “My Adventures in Canning”