Running Away…again

IMG_2458Elopement. This is not a word that you probably use in your daily vocabulary unless you have a child with Autism. This is a word that is constantly used in our life. What is it? It is when a child runs, escapes, takes off….this is not a discipline issue. this is not an out of control issue. It is one of the many things that come with having a child who has zero fear. Who doesn’t necessarily understand that it is truly a safety issue for him. Continue reading “Running Away…again”



I am in a weird place right now. Kind of an in between stage. Just trying to figure out, where I should be serving and what I should be doing. For the last 5 years, I have served faithfully in the children’s program (2-3year olds) at whichever church we attended as a family. I have felt very led to serve in that area, to watch little tiny souls feel how much Jesus loves them. It has been a real blessing for me and I hope for others as well. Yet, I am not feeling called to serve in Children’s Ministry at this new church. Part of me thinks that I am not being called to serve there, because I am in both Kolten and Logan’s classroom every week. I am volunteering my time with kids who don’t necessarily know God. I am able to help them read, work with them, and pray silent prayers over their lives. I believe that is where God wants me in this time.  Continue reading “Serving.”

I disappeared for a year…oops!

When I started this blog, it was to share what we were going through and how we were coping with different items in our lives. Between being a parent, then a parent to a special needs kid and then to two special needs kids, all while trying to keep who I was. There have been times and days and weeks, when I barely know who I am and what I am doing. But alas, isn’t that the life of every mom?

So what have we been up to in the last year? A LOT! Well we moved again. Yep, this time to Florida. We live on the space coast. That move has come with challenges, joys and triumphs. Just like any move. Continue reading “I disappeared for a year…oops!”

Kolten turns 3

Three years ago today, I didn’t know my life could be so full, so complete, so chaotic and so perfect. Three years ago, I didn’t know that I could love someone as much as I already loved Logan and that someone could be naughtier than what I was already experiencing. Three years ago, I didn’t know that we would face an autism diagnosis. Three years ago, I didn’t know that speech would come so late and so slow. And three years ago, I didn’t know that nothing would ever be the same.  Continue reading “Kolten turns 3”

Emotions Abound

Life lately has been one emotional journey after another. Each day we tackle a new emotion, a new feeling and a new meltdown. Part of it is that Logan is 5, part of it is the Autism, part of it is the changes that are coming. But all of it is overwhelming and a struggle. There are not many days or times that I complain about being a single mom. It is my life and how we cope with things in our little family of three, is just our way of doing things. However, Logan’s emotions can take over my own and it is exhausting. It is hard. And I want to be able to tag team and take a break, but alas, that is not an option and so we keep moving forward.  Continue reading “Emotions Abound”

Life changed forever today…

Do you ever have those moments in life…moments you don’t necessarily realize will be the defining moments until you realize that they are? Today Logan was diagnosed with Autism. While that is not what is defining my life, or his, or even our families, it is a true testament to the people that I have around me and the people I believed were my friends. When your family is given 2 life altering diagnosis in 2 months time frame, it can be overwhelming for those around you, and they can feel unsure what to say, so they say nothing.  For me today, friendships were anchored, and others are not so important anymore. Today I realized how blessed I am that my mom is my best friend in the world. That she is funny and sweet and loves me to the core, but more importantly, she doesn’t let me have these hard moments alone. She is my hero, if I can be half of the mom and woman that she is, I will never fail.  Continue reading “Life changed forever today…”

Sometimes, this mom thing sucks.

Sometimes it just sucks to be a mom. To be the one who is blamed for everything in the world. Today is one of those days.

Logan is having a hard day. 14 days with his papa and while he has been home for 3 days, he has still had papa. Well today…his papa left. And apparently that is my fault. I have been repeatedly told today that it is my fault that papa doesn’t live here. That I did this. That I am the bad guy. I have been repeatedly reminded, that not only does Logan love me the LEAST in his life, that he doesn’t like me either. I have been informed today that I am not a good mom. That I don’t give him what he wants and that he wants to live with his papa. Needless to say, it has been a fun day.  Continue reading “Sometimes, this mom thing sucks.”